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Art: Paper vs. Canvas

For people who love to decorate their homes with art pieces, canvas art could be exactly what you need to elevate your decorating style from ordinary to excellent and set you a head above the rest. Canvas art is just like any other piece except that the medium, what the art is made of, is different. In this case, instead of having a painting on paper, the painting is on canvas. Although the image is the same, there will be slight visual differences sometimes because the texture and quality of the canvas is not the same as paper. Canvas art can be framed like any other artwork, but it has another visual dimension that can add flair and excitement to the pieces throughout your house.

The Difference of Canvas Art

When artists make their actual works, many may choose to focus on canvas art because the like the qualities of that particular medium. However, even though most people cannot afford to buy the real art piece, you can still enjoy canvas art because art prints are made on canvas just like paper. The canvas art prints are undeniably cheaper than the original art works, but they are still more expensive that the same prints on paper. The reason behind the price difference is probably the fact that canvas prints require different production techniques and the materials are more expensive.

If you are interested in canvas art, you have a wide range of options from which you can choose. It is easy to find canvas prints in all sizes, some framed, some not. You can look for a particular art work on canvas or just browse canvas art selections in stores or online. You are sure to find something that appeals to your artistic tastes. Some of the more popular canvas art selections are Flaming June by Leighton, The Starry Night by Van Gogh, Sea View Villa by Hayslette, Dirty Martini by Michael Godard, The Kiss by Klimt, and Water Lilies by Monet.

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