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Prints to Enliven a Room: Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso prints are well-known around the world because Picasso is such an influential artist. Regardless of how much or how little art knowledge someone may have, it is highly unlikely that he or she has never heard of or seen the work of Picasso. People have always loved to decorate their homes and apartments with beautiful art pieces, but some of the most famous artists' works are exceptionally popular. However, the great thing about Picasso is that, because he has such a large collection of works, it is easy to exhibit one of his lesser known pieces for an original Picasso flair.

The Story Behind Pablo Picasso Prints

Pablo Picasso prints can work in virtually any home decor because his colors and styles are so distinctive. Picasso was born in Spain and spent much of his life living there and in France. He was an exceptionally prolific artist, producing over 20,000 different works. What is even more interesting is that Picasso had quite a following while he was still alive, which is somewhat unusual for many great artists. In addition to being appreciated by the public, Picasso also had quite a following of other artists, whose styles he often influenced in some way or another.

Pablo Picasso prints can be divided into different categories based on stylistic tendencies and themes. In his early years of painting, he produced many works in blue shades and tones, and this time was later described as the "Blue Period." After this followed the "Rose Period," when his works tended to reflect warmer rose and red colors. Cubism is Picasso's most known artistic contribution because it is a style that he developed and carried into fame, using it in a great number of his works. He loved the use of color, especially vivid, energetic colors, and in many of his works, the colors carry symbolic meaning. Picasso was not just focused on producing artistic beauty, however. He also wanted to ensure that his works had a strong emotional impact. This was especially achieved in his work "Guernica" that depicted the tragedy in the same town during the Spanish Civil War.

For people interested in Pablo Picasso prints, there are many to choose from that can really enliven a room and complement decor. His works can always serve as a conversation piece because they stimulate so much reaction and response. Because he is such a popular artist, his prints can be bought in home and art stores around the country, but there are many websites that offer Picasso prints, as well.

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