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Art History

For centuries art has been a way for the human race to express themselves. Beginning in prehistoric times, these ancient peoples made their artistic pieces in the forms of rough sculputues and various forms of pottery and jewlery. Painting even found its start with these people, a good example at the Cave at Lascaux where scenes of horses, bison, and other such animals cover the walls. As the human race has aged, our ability to express our ideas with art has grown. Today the term “art” covers a broad range of topics such as drawing, writing stories or composing photographs.

Forms of Art

Many people take up various forms of art as a hobby, something fun to do in their spare time. Some write poetry or other forms of literature to express themselves, while others do physical things such as painting and sculpting. Other people find less traditional means of expressing themselves with art. Everyone seems to have a different definition of this term.

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