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Pierre Auguste Renoir Paired with Monet

Pierre Auguste Renoir is one of the early Impressionists who is often paired with Monet in art appreciation and art history classes. He began painting the majority of his works in the 1860s, and although he does share many qualities with Monet, there are important differences as well. As Impressionists, both artists had loose, flowing brush strokes and a distinctive use of color and light. They focused on highlighting the beauty all around them, whether it was in landscapes, the bustle of the city, or the interaction of people. Monet tended to focus on landscapes and aspects of nature, whereas Renoir found his muse in the liveliness of people and the dynamism of their personal relationships.

Pierre Auguste Renoir: His Inspiration and Production

Pierre Auguste Renoir loved to find inspiration in the modern beauty of river resorts and the vibrant Paris city life. His works tended to be more solid than those of Monet, and his most often used his friends and lovers as subjects for his art. Overall, his paintings center on the general, superficial appearance of objects, people, or places, but he strove to emphasize the beauty in this normalcy.

Although Renoir is an exceptionally well known painter, there are nevertheless some of his works that have achieved greater fame and notoriety than others. Perhaps the most famous painting is _The Boating Party Lunch_, which depicts his friends at lunch during a boating party. The small details are important in the achievement of the overall effect because they show the interrelationships between the people of the painting.

Another painting of Renoir’s is _Girl with a Watering Can_. It is a portrait, but it is distinctive because Renoir descends to the level of the girl, allowing the viewer to see the world from her point of view. It is this unique perspective, the discerning eye for small details, that makes Renoir truly a master painter that has withstood the test of time.

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